Bus transport reservation form

Bus tickets must be booked by Monday 16 August 2021

Please use this form to book your bus tickets. You will receive a booking confirmation and a payment receipt from Kora Explore.

We be in touch with your bus details by Monday 30 August with the exact bus pick up location, driver contact details etc. If you have any questions please email contact@ultratourmonterosa.com

If you are booking a seat for a child please note their age (as well as name) in the appropriate section. We are legally required to organise a child seat / baby seat as appropriate and they will require a ticket of their own. Thank you!

Please note the cancellation policy:

  • until 31 July ⇒ 90% refund
  • 1 August to 8 August ⇒ 60% refund
  • after 8 August ⇒ no refund


It is mandatory to wear a mask for your entire journey.  Please note that there may also be additional restrictions or regulations in place due to the covid-19 pandemic. Thank you!

If you book a ticket for a shuttle that crosses the French-Swiss or Italian-Swiss borders (in either direction) please check the requirements that will apply to you. You may be refused entry if you don’t satisfy the requirements.

  1. For entry to Switzerland check: https://travelcheck.admin.ch/home
  2. For entry to Italy check: https://infocovid.viaggiaresicuri.it/index_en.html
  3. For entry to France check here.

Please note there are normally no covid testing facilities in Grächen. We hope to provide a special “test center” in Grächen pre-race. But this test may no longer be valid for a journey on Sunday 5 September. Please plan accordingly!

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