2021 Grächen Berglauf results

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1BRUNNER Niels Netherlands NED Male 18-39 8351835BRUNNER Niels2:36:00MaleNED 18-39GBL23
2FREEDMAN Penelope United States of America USA Female 18-39 8321832FREEDMAN Penelope2:49:30FemaleUSA 18-39GBL23
3VELICER Sophia Switzerland SUI Female 18-39 8402840VELICER Sophia2:49:50FemaleSUI 18-39GBL23
4WALTER Ivo Switzerland SUI Male VET1 8362836WALTER Ivo2:55:30MaleSUI VET1GBL23
5MALLOWS Catriona Great Britain GBR Female 18-39 8433843MALLOWS Catriona3.39:00FemaleGBR 18-39GBL23
6NEUBERGER Laura Switzerland SUI Female VET1 8084808NEUBERGER Laura3:05:00FemaleSUI VET1GBL23
7LOCHMATTER Dominique Switzerland SUI Male 18-39 8053805LOCHMATTER Dominique3:40:00MaleSUI 18-39GBL23
8DICKSON Peter Great Britain GBR Male 18-39 8034803DICKSON Peter3:40:30MaleGBR 18-39GBL23
9VIEIRA Diogo Portugal POR Male VET1 8025802VIEIRA Diogo3:43:00MalePOR VET1GBL23
10PALASSOF Sofia Germany GER Female 18-39 8415841PALASSOF Sofia3:43:00FemaleGER 18-39GBL23
11CATTANEO Riccardo Italy ITA Male VET2 8236823CATTANEO Riccardo3:45:03MaleITA VET2GBL23
12TAYTSLIN Suzanna United States of America USA Female 18-39 8116811TAYTSLIN Suzanna3:58:00FemaleUSA 18-39GBL23
13ENGLER Eva Switzerland SUI Female VET2 8397839ENGLER Eva4:01:47FemaleSUI VET2GBL23
14SCHMID Anne-Maria Switzerland SUI Female VET2 8278827SCHMID Anne-Maria4:15:00FemaleSUI VET2GBL23
15BRINCHMANN Staale Norway NOR Male VET1 8317831BRINCHMANN Staale4:19:00MaleNOR VET1GBL23
16DÜRST Céline Switzerland SUI Female 18-39 8299829DÜRST Céline4:30:00FemaleSUI 18-39GBL23
17GUYARD Frederic France FRA Male VET2 8078807GUYARD Frederic4:37:00MaleFRA VET2GBL23
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