2021 Mischabel 58 km results

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1BERCHTOLD Daniel Switzerland SUI Male VET1 7231723BERCHTOLD Daniel09:06:37MaleSUI VET1H58
2CORTALI Stefan Switzerland SUI Male 18-39 7222722CORTALI Stefan09:47:35MaleSUI 18-39H58
3VAN DEN HOOGEN Johan Netherlands NED Male 18-39 7093709VAN DEN HOOGEN Johan10:22:12MaleNED 18-39H58
4WATTS Amelia Great Britain GBR Female VET1 7021702WATTS Amelia10:55:25FemaleGBR VET1H58
5BERTOLDI Federico Italy ITA Male 18-39 7274727BERTOLDI Federico11:32:43MaleITA 18-39H58
6JOUAN Nicolas Switzerland SUI Male VET1 7125712JOUAN Nicolas11:36:52MaleSUI VET1H58
7HUMBERT Antoine Switzerland SUI Male VET1 7306730HUMBERT Antoine12:15:47MaleSUI VET1H58
8VONBUN Stefan Austria AUT Male 18-39 7017701VONBUN Stefan12:25:00MaleAUT 18-39H58
9LERCH Moritz Switzerland SUI Male 18-39 7158715LERCH Moritz12:40:42MaleSUI 18-39H58
10SPIJKERS Richard Netherlands NED Male VET1 7319731SPIJKERS Richard12:44:32MaleNED VET1H58
11SAWAS Evgenij Germany GER Male 18-39 70410704SAWAS Evgenij12:54:58MaleGER 18-39H58
12WITTE Robert Germany GER Male 18-39 71711717WITTE Robert13:20:05MaleGER 18-39H58
13EGGENHUISEN Joris Netherlands NED Male VET1 71112711EGGENHUISEN Joris14:01:40MaleNED VET1H58
14GARASA MAYAYO Sergio Spain ESP Male VET2 73313733GARASA MAYAYO Sergio14:33:07MaleESP VET2H58
15BIERLING Billi Germany GER Female VET2 7082708BIERLING Billi15:03:18FemaleGER VET2H58
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