Register for the 58 km UTMR Mischabel Lauf

Before you register

There is no pre-registration check of your experience for this event, but on registration you are accepting personal responsibility for participating in an ultra distance mountain trail race in an alpine environment. Please make sure you have adequate experience before you sign up.

Your route will take you on two magnificent high level trails – the Gsponer Höhenweg and the Balfrin Höhenweg. While neither have major ascents or descents the cumulative changes over ~17 km or ~20 km are significant. The Balfrin Höhenweg from Saas Fee to Hannigalp is the more technical and exposed section. It is never either, but if you are not accustomed to thin alpine trails this will require concentration. Your race will start with a sharp descent into the Saastal, followed by a 1200m climb up onto the Gsponer Höhenweg. You reach a maximum altitude of just over 2500m. This is alpine terrain, with some long wild sections, and you must be able to look after yourself in all conditions.

Please note: you will be required to carry the obligatory equipment as per the UTMR Stage Race. In addition, for 2021 we have a Covid Protection Concept in place. By registering for this 58 km Mischabel Lauf you accept the additional conditions that we need to put in place to ensure you have a safe race. We will notify you of all regulations by email in August. Thank you for your cooperation.

This is not a beginner’s Ultra. If you are prepared and experienced you will have the reward of completing a beautiful and challenging route. But please make sure you are prepared and experienced! Good luck and have a great race!

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