2020 UTMR Berglauf Registration Form

Please fill out this form to complete your registration and payment for the 2020 UTMR Berglauf. You will receive an email confirmation that your form has been submitted and a separate receipt from Kora Explore to confirm your payment has been received. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in September!
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    Please make sure these are your current details. You will have access to your runner page to confirm your in-race contact details. Thank you.
  • Please give an email address you will have access to at the race event. All pre-race information will be sent to this email address.
  • Please exclude international dialing code. i.e. +49
  • Which country is the phone registered in?
  • NB This MUST be the number of the phone you will have with you during the race. If you will get a new roaming SIM card for the race, leave this blank. We will ask you to confirm this number before race registration in September.

    In case of an emergency we need the contact details of someone we can contact for you.
  • Please give the name of someone we can contact for you in case of emergency.
  • Please exclude international dialing code. i.e. +49
  • Supplementary information

  • How did you hear about the UTMR Berglauf?
  • Kora Explore organises training camps on the UTMR route during June-August. If you are interested in more information about these or other Kora Explore running tours in the Alps and Nepal please tick the box and we will add you to the mailing list.
  • If you have any questions or comments please put here, we'll do our best to reply quickly. Alternatively you can always send an email to


    To validate your registration we require your confirmation that you are in good health. We strongly advise a medical check by your doctor. Prior to the race events we will ask you to let us know if you are undergoing any kind of medical treatment or taking medication.
  • Please indicate here if you have any allergies to food, insect stings, medicines etc.

    All race participants must have individual accident insurance which covers search and evacuation costs in Switzerland.

    Payment is required to be able to complete this registration process.
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