Pre-registration for all Ultra Tour Monte Rosa races

Please email if you have any questions.

Notice for Stage Race runners: Please note that due to current conditions with the COVID-19 pandemic we have to plan with precautionary measures in place. This means that we need to assume that we manage the race accommodation so that runners are sharing only with a partner, friend or accepted group and not with a stranger. In addition the accommodation available is very limited as not all hotels can confirm yet that they will open for the summer of 2021. This means that initially we can only accept Stage Runners who register with a friend, or group, for room sharing.  Of course we hope that with a combination of vaccinations and improved testing we will be able to open up more places for the Stage Race as normal. 

  1. Check the current entry list and, if you have a friend entered, please let us know if you can agree to share a room together. You can check the list here: 
  2. Sign up with a friend. 
  3. Sign up as a ’solo‘ runner and we will put you on the waiting list until 1 March. We will contact you on 1 March to update you with the situation and confirm if we are able to give you a place. 

There is space on the pre-registration form to let us know your option. Thank you very much for your understanding! Of course we hope that by September the situation is much improved and we can go ahead without restrictions.