2021 Covid-19 Protection Concept

Covid Check

For participation in the event all runners, volunteers, supporters (not spectators) over the age of 16, staff and sponsors must present a valid Swiss Covid Certificate or EU Covid Certificate. 

Anyone without a valid certificate must obtain one by having a negative result from a PCR test (not more than 72 hours before the start of their race / period of duty) or an antigen test (not more than 48 hours before the start of their race / period of duty). This must be in the form of a Swiss or EU Covid Certificate (please request it from your test provider). An SMS confirmation will not be accepted.  

Each person’s Covid certification and ID will be checked in Grächen prior to registration or starting duty. On verification a wristband will be given to each person, this must be worn throughout the event and will allow entry to registration, checkpoints and start / finish areas. 

A test facility will be provided on site in Grächen by Eventmed for those unable to obtain a test elsewhere. Time slots will be allocated in advance. 

Please note only a Swiss or EU Covid Certificate is acceptable. If, for example, you have been vaccinated outside Switzerland and the EU you must obtain a Swiss Certificate (with the correct validity) by taking a PCR or antigen test and presenting a negative result. For entry to Switzerland the requirements are different and can be checked here.

The COVID certificate attests to a vaccination, a cured infection or a negative test. The certificate is available as a PDF document, on the smartphone application or in paper version. It comes in the form of a QR code. To present the certificate, you can use either the paper document or the electronic version in the application. When verifying your personal certificate, we must also check your photo identification (eg ID card or passport). More information can be found here.

Precautionary Measures

  1. Any runner, volunteer, supporter, staff or sponsor exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 must isolate at home and not travel to Grächen.
  2. Masks will be mandatory in the registration zone / start area / finish area and checkpoint zones. 
  3. Runners will be given a time slot for registration to reduce congestion. 
  4. Supporters are not allowed access to the registration, start or finish areas. 
  5. Supporters are permitted in checkpoint zones only on presentation of a wristband (indicating a Covid Check in Grächen) and when their runner is present.
  6. Hygiene (hand washing, hand sanitisation) and distancing (1.5 m) should be practiced.
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